Yak of the week March 6- March 12

Noah Cary

Top 10 yaks of the week

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows its users to vent their frustrations and observations onto a geo-tagged feed. Yik Yak is directly aimed at college students and all college campuses are geo-tagged. This means you can only Yak to a certain feed if you are close enough too it. There are hundreds of feeds nationwide. A yak can be upvoted or downvoted. The more ups, the greater the yak. Here are the weeks top yaks from Iowa State:

10) “To the Cyride driver who wouldn’t let me on the bus because I forgot my ID. Congratulations, you caught me. I woke up at 8 a.m. and dressed like a student for a free ride”

9) “Happy International Women’s Day!! It was supposed to be yesterday but they took to long to get ready”

8) “Academically, I am like one of those hurdlers that trips over every gate but just keeps running”

7) “Writing caption for Instagram photo *proofreads 5 times*, writes paper for class *doesn’t proofread*”

6) “To whomever lost weight, I found it”

5) “It’s funny how girls always lose their hair ties, but remember exactly what you said seven months ago at 6:47 a.m.”

4) “I feel so naked on campus without a backpack”

3) “Doctor: ‘Are you sexually acti-‘ *glances at me and checks no*”

2) “The worst diss in college is being asked if you’re a freshman if your not a freshman”

1) “Spring Break is this Friday, I guess I better start going to the gym”

The Yak of the week is for entertainment purposes and if you would like to have your Yak nominated, download Yik Yak and start yakking.