GSB allocates funding for student organizations, itself

Sen. David Moore re-introduces a by-law for executive compensation reform. The bill was already approved by GSB, but due to a technicality it was not valid. The new bill attempts to improve upon language and reduce spending in March 2015.

Michaela Ramm

The Government of the Student Body has allocated funding for student organizations on campus that amounted to $1,621,551.25.

The 2016 fiscal year’s total budget was $2.5 million, said finance director Abhijit Patwa.

Of that, $1,621,551.25 was used to fund various student organizations on campus.

Students can also petition to receive funding from the Senate discretionary account, which holds $30,000, throughout next year if they did not receive funding during regular allocations.

The events account also holds $23,155.35, which GSB can use to give funding for student events on campus. 

The executive cabinet budget for next year will have $3,000.

The budget was approved unanimously by the Senate with a vote of 30 to 0.

Along with regular allocations, the Senate also discussed a bill to give $1,500 to the Government of the Student Body itself.

The funding would be used for Big 12 on the Hill, which is an event Iowa State will host next year. The event would host representatives from all Big 12 schools to discuss and lobby on various issues college students face, to U.S. government officials.

Amanda Loomis, director of special events, said $1,500 is a rough estimate of what the event would cost.

“It’s a large event and requires a large amount of dollars, but we’re only hosting this every 10 years,” Loomis said. “Consider it an investment.”

Loomis said the funding is something she wants to be available for whoever will be planning this event so they will have leeway to plan the event.

GSB also passed two bills that gave compensation to GSB elected officials.

One bill, which would be enacted next year, awarded a half-tuition scholarship — equal to half of in-state tuition — and a parking pass to the speaker of the Senate as well as a parking pass to the Vice-Speaker.

This bill passed 23-4-2.

The second bill offered compensation to the President, Vice-President and Finance Director of GSB. 

The Vice-President and Finance Director would receive a half-scholarship, including mandatory fees and a parking pass each. The President would receive a full tuition scholarship. 

The bill passed after a vote on the floor.