GSB fails contract with SUB for national events


Jonathan North/Iowa State Daily

Samantha McPherson, president of the Student Union Board; Winston Stalvey, national events director; and Anthony Behnke, GSB student organization financial advocate, address the GSB looking for a new contract for the SUB. The contract would guarantee the SUB $250,000 per year for the next three years, with $100,000 being allocated toward national events. The proposal failed to pass the senate.

Michaela Ramm

The Government of the Student Body failed to pass a contract with the Student Union Board that would fund national events for students’ entertainment to take place on Iowa State’s campus.

The bill would have created a contract with the board providing funding from the GSB for the next three years, beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2018.

The contract would fund $250,000 per year to the organization. Of that, $150,000 would be used for board events, including Cyclone Cinema.

The remainder of the funding, $100,000, would be used to fund national events on campus.

This is the second time the board has proposed a contract with GSB, having cut $80,000 from its original budget for national events. The first contract failed on the floor.

Samantha McPherson, president of Student Union Board, said funding would determine how many events would happen on the Iowa State campus.

Many senators were concerned about their ability to fund that amount of money to one organization.

Sen. Hamad Abbas said GSB could be facing major deficits if this bill were to pass.

“The easiest place to cut funding was SUB [Student Union Board],” Abbas said. “That means one less act that comes to campus, one less movie. I don’t think those cuts are as painful as cutting out a conference.”

Many senators also pointed out that they would have to cut smaller campus organizations’ funding in order to fulfill their contract.

Sen. Zachary Bauer said a substantial amount of funding will be cut if the bill passes.

“I cannot justify taking $100,000 from the students,” Bauer said. “This money has to come from somewhere and it will come from small groups. I don’t see how this fits with the purpose for why we’re here.”

Abbas said it is hard to predict how much money GSB will get next year.

“We’re always faced with deficits,” Abbas said. “The finances are impossible to predict. That’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea to give $100,000.”

Winston Stalvey, national events director, said they hope to collaborate with other student organizations, including the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Homecoming Week committee.

McPherson said Student Union Board events affect about 6,000 students and a larger venue would affect even more.

Sen. David Moore said affecting 6,000 students a year would be more effective than sending nine students to a conference.

“We’re going to be influencing a lot more students with this,” Moore said. “Those who aren’t in clubs want concerts, so why can’t they receive funding as well. Are we really advocating for students if we don’t pass this?”

Sen. Danielle Nygard said that number was not a large portion of the student body.

Bauer said he believes this bill does not align with GSB’s purpose.

“This is a university, we come here to get an education,” Bauer said. “We do not come here to get entertained.”

Anthony Behnke, student organization financial advocate, said it is the mission of GSB to give students a good experience as well.

The bill failed to pass on the senate floor after a majority vote.

GSB also passed the creation of the Special Project Accounts.

This bill would merge Capital Projects and Reserve accounts into the Special Projects account.

The Capital Projects and Reserve accounts currently holds $450,000, which would be transferred into the Special Projects account. That balance would not be allowed to fall below $120,000.

The bill passed by majority.