Breitbarth and Sweere elected as president and vice-president


Daniel Breitbarth and Megan Sweere celebrate after it is announced that they will be the Government of Student Body’s president and vice president next year.

Michaela Ramm

Daniel Breitbarth and Megan Sweere have been named as the 2015 president and vice-president of the Government of the Student Body.

The preliminary election results were announced on Friday evening at the Memorial Union after students had the opportunity to vote on March 3 and 4.

This year, voter turn-out reached 12.8 percent, with the total number of student votes reaching 4,135 students.

Breitbarth and Sweere earned 66 percent for the victory, with 2,754 students voting for the slate.

The elected campaigned on several issues, including increasing campus parking and making sidewalks on campus safer for students.

The pair said they have already been working on accomplishing their goals, including Veishea and overcrowding.

Breitbarth said many of the changes will be in place by the fall semester, including improvements to northern sidewalk on Osborn Drive and the renovation of The Hub.

“Students have issues, and we’re going to address them,” Breitbarth said.

Sweere said input from students solidified the issues they plan to address.

“There are so many issues to address and that helped us identify where to start,” Sweere said.

Those elected to represent students as senators were announced, as well.

Both referendums on the ballot passed as well. The referendum to change the name of Government of the Student Body to Student Government passed at 79 percent with 2,996 “yes” votes.

The second referendum to cap the number of senators to 34 passed also at 91 percent.