Six applications for powder alcohol

Matthew Rezab

Powdered alcohol has some advantages over liquid alcohol whether it’s at a cocktail party or the manufacturing floor.

  • Outdoor Activity Applications: Palcohol can be carried by outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, hikers and others who wanted to enjoy alcoholic beverages without having the undue burden of carrying heavy bottles of liquid. 
  • Travel Applications: Similarly, adult travelers journeying to destinations far from home could conveniently and lawfully carry their favorite cocktail in powder format. Moderate quantities of flavored Palcohol products carried in resealable pouches are a fraction of the weight and bulk associated with traditional liquor packaging.
  • Hospitality Applications: Because powdered alcohol is light, airlines can reduce the weight on an airplane by serving powdered and save on fuel costs. A hotel in Hawaii is interested in powdered alcohol because it would save them so much on shipping from the mainland. That savings in shipping costs would be attractive to many resorts who rely on imported alcohol.

Industrial Formulation (non-ingestible): The industrial formulation, different from the consumer formulation, has many possible uses in industry. 

  • Medical Applications: Medical professionals have shown interest in using Palcohol as an antiseptic, especially in remote locations where weight and bulk make it difficult to transport supplies. 
  • Manufacturing Applications: Palcohol may be used in livestock supplements and windshield wiper fluid. More manufacturing applications may be discovered in the future.
  • Energy Applications: Palcohol may be used as a fuel source, from a lightweight alternative to powering a camping stove to an emergency fuel pouch for a vehicle.  There is talk of multiple military applications from transport fuel to fuel in a soldier’s backpack.  

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