CALS Amazing Race competitors take slippery strides

The second place team of the CALS Amazing Race, Farm House Fraternity, of 2019 CALS week.

Amber Friedrichsen

The CALS Amazing Race began at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Farm Bureau Pavillon in Kildee Hall. Teams of four assembled despite the rainy conditions.

Formerly known in years past as the CALS Olympics and CALS Club Championship, this year the event took a new name as the CALS Amazing Race. Another new aspect this year was the event being open to any student, not just members of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences club.

Cole Eden, a sophomore in agronomy, is a co-chair for CALS Council, the group in charge of organizing the race.

“This year we had it set up so people outside the College of Ag and Life Sciences could also sign up to compete,” Eden said.

Representing a team or not, participants gathered before the race started, to sign in and take team photos. Most teams arrived in raincoats and waterproof shoes with umbrellas in hand. Some teams sported makeshift uniforms, like the cut-off jean shorts and jerseys worn by representatives of Farm House Fraternity.

On display in the pavilion was the traveling trophy of past CALS competitions, most recently won by the Agricultural Business Club in the 2018 games. If the trophy was not enough incentive to motivate racers, there was also a table full of prizes — from baseball caps to draw-string bags to even coffee cups. Teams taking the highest places would have first pick from the prizes.

Eight destinations around campus made up the race. Teams had to perform a task at each stop. Once the task was complete they were given an envelope with clues to direct them to the next challenge.

Devan Mann, a senior in agronomy, is another co-chair of CALS Council. Mann and his four fellow co-chairs were responsible for creating each of the eight challenges.

“[The tasks] test basic agricultural skills,” Mann said. “Nothing strenuous […] just a way to get people involved and enjoy CALS week.”

To start, teams had to listen to and name five songs. Once the songs were identified, teams got their first envelope leading to their first destination. The following tasks ranged from trivia questions about agriculture and the history of Iowa State to some that were a bit more interesting.

“[There is a] carrying-a-water-bucket relay, searching for stuff in a bucket,” Mann said.

“We have one that’s like, whipped cream pies and we have Tic Tacs in them and you have to like, find the Tic Tacs with your mouth,” Eden said.

While the race itself posed as enough of a challenge, the weather that accompanied the event made for an even bigger one. Sporadic rain showers soaked the sidewalks and saturated the playing field for racers.

Macy Evans, a senior in agricultural and life sciences foundation and is a third co-chair of CALS council. Evans had an optimistic outlook on the race despite the weather.

“Just another obstacle,” Evans said. “We wish it were sunny, but we’re persistent.”

A similar perspective was that of Mitchel Hanson, a senior in agricultural studies. Hanson was a member of the team representing Alpha Gamma Rho, an agricultural fraternity belonging to Iowa State.

Hanson and his team said they were ready to compete and not worried about the weather.

“If it a tornado comes, maybe,” Hanson said. “I think it will be okay.”

In the end, Hanson’s team did not take home the trophy. The winning teammade up of members of the Agricultural Business Clubcrossed the finish line before anyone else. The back to back winners completed the race in 22 minutes.