Things to pack for those bonfires

Shelby Kramer

 For starters, you need a comfy place to sit. Blankets are great to sprawl out on, but beware the bugs. Folding chairs are almost always a better option so you’ve got the back support (i.e. best position to sip your drink). Just don’t be that guy/gal that mooches a seat every time you go to a bonfire.

Don’t forget the bug spray. Seriously, don’t. They will eat you alive at most outdoor gatherings.

It’s always good to have extras of some of your party essentials. Spare plastic cups, some additional matches or lighters, ping pong balls (for PING pong, of course *wink wink*) and extra firewood are some of the basics.

With the whole bonfire thing, it might also be a good idea to have some kindling and lighter fluid hanging around to help you get the blaze going. You could also pack a hatchet or some other way to trim up some firewood if you need it on the spot.

Pack a cooler to fit your drinks and whatever else you may need to keep chilly. Little is worse than skunky beer, so keep the brews on ice and in the shade.

Accidents do happen, so it’s smart to have a first aid kit in your car. The same goes for other emergency items, like road flares, maybe a fire blanket, some bottles of water and whatever else might come in handy when you’re at a gathering in the middle of nowhere.

The last thing you might need for your outdoorsy night out is a speaker system. I have a UE Mini Boom and it’s wonderful. It’s bluetooth enabled, wireless, compact and blasts out like crazy. Pick the right speakers for your situation and try to be smart with the noise and your speaker’s safety.