Letter: GSB open to all questions, suggestions

My purpose to write this letter is to inform our dear readers about three points addressed in the letter to the editor titled “A different view of campus sexual assaults,” which are the “It’s On Us” campaign at Iowa State, GSB’s apparent endorsement of “radical feminist left” views and adopting realistic solutions that do not include “failed tactics” such as “raising awareness” and “bystander intervention.” 

The “It’s On Us” campaign in a nutshell is a campaign launched at the federal level to prevent sexual assault and provide universities with practical tools to tackle this issue. It is essentially a public awareness campaign educating students to see it as their responsibility to intervene if they perceive a situation to be threatening to any student, male or female. With that being said, it would be safe to say that GSB President Kletscher has not created this campaign out of thin air. If you are willing to know more about GSB’s efforts toward this campaign, I urge you to please get in touch with Kletscher.

For those of you who are unaware of GSB, we are the Government of the Student Body of Iowa State, representing all our students in discussions that lead to decisions impacting student life. The author claimed that “When asked during a GSB meeting if alternative voices outside of the radical campus feminist left were allowed on the “It’s On Us” committee, the reply was ‘no.'” GSB welcomes all students and student organizations to voice their perspectives on issues in Open Forum during the Senate meeting Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room. Additionally, there is a constant presence of GSB student leaders in the West Students Office Space in the Memorial Union, as well as a booth in the library, to answer any questions that anyone may have. 

The “It’s On Us” committee is dedicated to use the tools provided by the campaign that are being led on a federal level. It is, however, not the platform to debate about the different views of sexual assault. There are more appropriate and different avenues to voice concerns, such as the Dean of Students Office. To imply that GSB is biased toward “radical campus feminist left” views is based on an answer completely taken out of context by the author. 

The author further states that “rape culture” is phony. While I have the outmost respect for all views on this issue, the fact that the author is denouncing the It’s On Us campaign as a political agenda and complaining about failed tactics make me wonder if they are aware of the purpose of this campaign altogether. 

It is best to get accurate and reliable information through GSB than read it in an opinion column that endorses inaccurate views and unreliable information. I cannot emphasize this enough! Please talk to GSB about your concerns, or suggestions, instead of making judgments based on a poorly written opinion column. The above views expressed are my own and are not to be mistaken for a statement issued by GSB.