Letter: Vote in GSB elections

Next week on March 3 and 4, we students will have the right and responsibility to elect student leaders who will be advocating on our behalf and betterment. We also will have the chance to decide whether or not to change the name of GSB to Student Government. I’m going to do something that is normally not allowed in the classroom. When we vote online at vote.iastate.edu, you will be provided a multiple choice option to vote on. I will provide you the correct answers on some of the questions.

For president and vice president, I encourage the student body to seriously consider voting for Amanda Loomis and Kathryn Leidahl. Both have experience in serving the student body and have common sense solutions to make the student experience better for all! Whether it is eliminating Library 160 as a university-wide requirement, fighting to end the add/drop fee, which will save students more than $178,000 in much needed money. They also have a realistic plan to preserve the spirit of VEISHEA without the negative association that led to the cancellation. We need this type of leadership, now more than ever! As a senator candidate for the College of Business, I hope to join fellow candidates Peter Myer and Jennifer Klodt in representing our constituency with dedication and excellence.

Finally, we have the chance to start a dramatic change for the better by changing the name of the government to reflect that the students come first before the government, not the other way around! This step is just the beginning, I pledge to join others to continue to transform our student government and return it back to the students! Cyclone Nation, lets turn out and take back our government! To vote, you need to go to vote.iastate.edu and use your net ID to log in on March 3 and 4!