Letter: Concern about Loomis, Leidahl

Richard Hartnett, Student

I must express my concern with the student government platform of the Amanda Loomis and Kathryn Leidahl ticket.

On their website, they advocate for completely “eliminating” Library 160, an infeasible act that would require approval by both the Board of Regents and Faculty Senate. Further, the class is necessary for teaching students about plagiarism, which can result in expulsion if not properly understood. I worry that these potential student government leaders want to spend their time and efforts on such a frivolous issue. 

Loomis and Leidahl also advocate for removing fees for dropping classes. Because the Registrar’s office depends on this money, they will instead have to apply this fee preemptively, even to those who don’t drop classes. This places the brunt of the cost on everyone instead of only those who drop classes, costing the majority of students more money than they currently pay. 

Unfortunately, Loomis and Leidahl lack the experience necessary to understand critical student government issues that affect all of us. Their platform has a serious dearth of ideas to address substantive issues, particularly regarding the all-too-visible overcrowding on campus. I encourage you to explore other options in voting on March 3 and 4 at vote.iastate.edu.