How to be GREEN

Claire Norton

At the Sustainapalooza event Tuesday evening, there were many tips and tricks to consuming better and greener in every day life.

The Union’s “workspace” booth set up at Sustainapalooza suggested making home-made lip balm in order to rid of preservatives and to repurpose plastic pop bottles.

Another do-it-yourself idea from JAX Outdoor Gear was to filter your own water using plastic bottles. This works great when camping or perhaps for living in the wilderness when clean, fresh water is not accessible as a resource. also suggests washing full loads of laundry in cold water to save energy and to air-dry when at all possible!

Some other tips are:

  • reducing heat costs and use by opening blinds to project the sun in
  • unplugging unused electronics 
  • cleaning furnace to ensure proper function

Sustainapalooza celebrates the progress of everyone’s work. By not focusing on the negatives, but rather positively reinforcing others to continue living a greener life helps in more generations than one.