Student Government to discuss hosting a special election


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

Student Government Senator Tony Tonet listens during the Student Government meeting Sept. 18 in the Campanile Room. Student Government discusses various bills and legislation that affect Iowa State and the community.

Cassie Lehmann

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Student Government will examine funding for a variety of university organizations, reviewing a debt contract and looking into calling for a special election.

A variety of organizations are requesting funds from Student Government.

Iowa State Blood Drive is a club that holds blood drives on campus. The group is requesting $500 to fund printing and the booking of the Memorial Union for the drive.

Dance Marathon is an event to help raise money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The organization is interested in adding dueling pianos as special entertainment for Hour 7, requesting $3,800 to fund the pianists.  

Greek Week Central is a collaboration with Interfraternity Council and Collegiate Panhellenic Council and is also looking for funding from Student Government. The group would like to bring Ted Talk speaker and founder of “Because I Said I Would,” Alex Sheen to campus for Greek Week celebration. Sheen would speak on March 31, 2020 at Hilton Coliseum. The organization is requesting $35,000 for the speaker, travel expenses and the space. 

All funding bills are separate and will be voted and discussed separately at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Student Government has an organization debt reserve set in place to help fund clubs out of their current debt. The club will need to repay Student Government according to the terms and conditions that both parties have agreed on.

The Swim Club has been recognized to receive $2,200 at the beginning of their agreement. They will need to pay back Student Government at least $550 each semester through the spring of 2021 or until the club has met all of its financial obligations.

In order for this debt contract to pass, it requires the approval of two-thirds of the Senate. While abiding by the contract, the Swim Club “shall use no other loans, debts, or other financial instruments without written consent of the [Student Government] Finance Committee,” according to the document.

Additionally, Student Government will be approving the 2020 election apportionments, approving to have 36 senate seats in next year’s cabinet. 

The bill will be reviewed and voted at the meeting.  

Currently, a special election may be held when requested by the student body or the Senate, and Senator Jacob Ludwig, Senator Lydia Greene and Senator Mckenzie Meradith will introduce a bill to the Senate requesting for the special election to be held on Dec. 2, 2019. 

According to the document, “[Student Government] have compiled a large amendment for the Constitution in relation to our Supreme Court,” and the election will be held in regard to that amendment.

The bill will be looked at and voted on by the Senate at the meeting. 

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.