ISU leaders share state-affecting projects to lawmakers at Capitol

Makayla Tendall

Administrators and leaders at Iowa State had the chance to speak to lawmakers at ISU Day at the Capitol on Feb. 23 about issues regarding the university and its progress.

ISU Day at the Capitol is an annual event coordinated by the Iowa State University President’s Office. The focus of the day is to show lawmakers and lobbyists about how projects the university works on affects the state of Iowa.

Among the attendees were Government of the Student Body President Hillary Kletscher and Vice President Mike Hoefer. The Government of the Student Body has a booth at the event each year.

Kletscher said her role as president of the GSB is to act as a representative for all students, talking to lawmakers about the issues that students face as they attend one of Iowa’s regent universities. Kletscher also said the event is a great way to tell lawmakers about the student experience at Iowa State and how the GSB has worked to enhance that experience.

“Also it’s a great opportunity for us to show hands-on how Iowa State can enhance life in the state of Iowa,” Kletscher said.

ISU attendees also focus on how the university may benefit the state as a whole. The Office of Admissions shows how many students attend Iowa State from each county, how many students stay in the state after graduating and how much progress is made in fields such as agriculture that play a large role in the state’s economy.

Kletscher said students need to realize the role Iowa lawmakers play in their education.

“I think one of the most important things for students to know is what they’re learning every day and experiencing every day at Iowa State is funded and supported by the state of Iowa,” Kletscher said. “The state of Iowa wants Iowa State to be a key player in the economic development of Iowa and the development of educated minds.”