Government of the Student Body candidates for 2015-16


Amanda Loomis, junior in liberal studies, is a candidate in the running for president of GSB alongside Kathryn Leidahl, junior in management, who is running for vice president.

Makayla Tendall

Executive Office

  • Dan Breitbarth, presidential candidate, and Megan Sweere, vice-presidential candidate
  • Amanda Loomis, presidential candidate, Kathryn Leidahl, vice-presidential candidate

Senator(s) for Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Cody West
  • Neil Vezeau
  • Brittany Gaura

Senator(s) for College of Business

  • Robert Dunn
  • Peter Myers
  • Jennifer Klodt
  • Abbie Lang

Senator(s) for College of Design 

  • open

Senator(s) for College of Engineering

  • Nick Bergfeld
  • Jacob Thompson
  • Jakob Croghan
  • Michael Snook
  • Benjamin Crawford
  • Charles Faunce

Senator(s) for GPSS Seat 

  • open

Senator(s)(s) for Human Sciences

  • David D Moore III

Senator(s)(s) for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

  • Hamad Abbas
  • Conner Tillo
  • Matthew Teubert
  • Cole Staudt

Senator(s) for College of Veterinary Medicine

  • open

Senator(s) for Residence Halls  

  • Austin Thielmann
  • Jacob Zirkelbach
  • Cole Button

Senator(s) for Frederiksen Court

  • open

Senator(s) for Fraternities 

  • Steven Valentino

Senator(s) for Sorority

  • Kathryn Leidahl

Senator(s) for Off Campus Students 

  • Adam Guenther
  • Ryan Starn
  • Jane Kersch
  • Ryan Peterson
  • Ian Marlenee
  • Danielle Nygard
  • Jeremy Clark
  • Zackary D. Reece

Senator(s) for Campustown 

  • Elijah Decious