Emily Stearney

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate had its second meeting of the semester on February 23.

cost of attendance for the 2015-16 school year for graduate students have been resident 43,370 non resident 59,920

Roberta Johnson, director of financial aid

Dan Breitbarth and Amanda Lewis, prospective GSB Presidents for the following school year, came to present their platforms to GPSS.

Breitbarth, the current Vice Speaker for GSB,. Breitbarth and Sweere, as seen around campus from bring back veishea, overcrowding on campus–MU. expand seating upstairs. Library- expanding outlets and study spaces. Den Policy BS sent out a survey to students on which issues they deem important.

Katherine Leidahl and Amanda Lewis- director of special events for the past two years.  Want to alleviate add/drop fees and make them online. Recycling- wants to collaborate with the City of Ames.  VEISHEA–move event to the fall. “We want to bring back the traditions in a new way,” Lewis said.

Voting for the next GSB president will open next Tuesday, March 3, and remain open through March 4.  Students can vote on the Iowa State website.

Spring social bill