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Noah Cary

Top 10 yaks of the week

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows its users to vent their frustrations and observations onto a geo-tagged feed. Yik Yak is directly aimed at college students and all college campuses are geo-tagged. This means you can only Yak to a certain feed if you are close enough to it. There are hundreds of feeds nationwide. A yak can be upvoted or downvoted. The more ups, the greater the yak. Here are the weeks top yaks from Iowa State:

10) “Advice to any tour groups reading Yak, YOU DO NOT need the gold meal plan”

9) “It’s  going down for reaaaalll, (GPA, Bank Account, Hours of Sleep, Self Confidence, etc.)

8) “So I guess 22 is the age where I stop waiting for my Hogwarts letter”

7) “My roommate just put on Axe spray for his Skype date tonight”

6) “You think the people Walmart are strange? You should see the people inside of a McDonalds inside a Walmart”

5) “Chemistry… Chemistwhy…. Chemistcry”

4) “Reading 10 pages of textbook is equivalent to reading 100 pages of a normal book”

3) “It takes 45 minutes for the help van to arrive but only 30 seconds for the parking division to find you and give you a ticket”

2) “I bet Bings top search is Google”

1) “Got 99 problems and college is 119 of them. The other -20 is the windchill”

The Yak of the week is for entertainment purposes and if you would like to have your Yak nominated, download Yik Yak and start yakking.