Retirees Association

Tong Lin

The Iowa State University Retirees Association became a program of the ISU Alumni Association in 2006, and the office is located at the ISU Alumni Center.

The association began as the office of Retirement Services on September in 1975. Dr. Helen Lebaron Hilton was appointed as Retirement Counselor. In 1982, Iowa State University Retirees Committee became an official committee. The program receives annual financial support from the university.

Everybody who works at Iowa State and retires from Iowa State is automatically a member of Retirees Association, and there is no fees.

“Spouses are encouraged to join the activities. If the retirees is single, they are invited to bring a friend. We have six programs each year from September to April except for November and December,” Said by Jerilyn Logue, the ISU Retirees program manager.

The Association holds two social events each year. A fall lunch is held in November and a spring picnic is held in May. There is a minimal fee per person for these events and prices vary depending on the venue.

“At this year’s spring picnic we will be a magician comedian. We have never done this before. We normally have people come and sing,” Logue said, “We always have different activities each year. In 2013, we started the “Rock on” in Retirement Symposium and last November was our second one. The symposium is a half day event and free to the public with topics that are relevant to all retire. You don’t even need to be retired to attend”.

The age range of retirees are from 55 to 95.

Logue enjoys her work with the ISU Retirees Association. “ We did a group trivia for a holiday lunch a couple of years ago and a retiree came up after the activity and told me that she was glad that she had decided to come. That’s what I want to hear from people that they had a great time.”

When Iowa State faculty and staff retire, Logue will get a list every month of new retirees with their home addresses. The current chair of the retirees association will send them a letter to introduce the programs of the association. Also, newsletter is sent out five times a year and available in electronic and printed forms.

“ We have just started something new this fall, we are offering all of the six programs online using Adobe Connect Pro, so that folks who live in Washington or Florida can watcha live or request a link to a recording,” said by Logue. “We want all ISU retirees to be able to participate”.

Another big event that the association arranges is Memorial Day Ceremony. The last ceremony was coordinated on Memorial Day to remember the lives of retired and current employees, and their spouses who have died since the last ceremony. Every person’s name is read during the program.

“ For many of us who are long term employees, this association is our extended family, it is out life. A number of us would like to keep those connections with Iowa State University,”said by Michael Meetz, the chair of the Retirees Association. “We are trying to include all the people, in some cases, the public as well, to get the word out.”

Meetz has worked with the association for three years; he enjoys participating in the activities. “I like more things that connect the university with the outdoor natural resources, some of the agricultural ideas. Things like climate change.”  

Clyde K. Walter, the vice-chair of the Retirees Association, was invited to join the interview as well. Walter has been in this position for one year.

“ Retirees tend to be an older group of people. They are concerned about health and health benefits. Things like health insurance and retirement saving plans. They are also concern about independence, and some social contact with the university.”

Walter who chairs the program committee said, “The program is generally a speaker. The ones that I like are [saying] something about the university. We had a program about the of Iowa State Fair two weeks ago, that interested me and I go every year.”

The Retirees Association receives sponsorship support from Green Hill Retirement Community Life Choices at Bethany and Northcrest Retirement Community.

The next program is other events and information about the ISU Retirees Association can be found at