Student Government passes funding bills, names new senators


Caitlin Yamada

Sen. Ian Searles listens during the Student Government meeting Sept. 18 in the Campanile Room. Student Government discusses various bills and legislation that affect Iowa State and the community.

Cassie Lehmann

Student government sat senators to the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA) and the Green Initiatives Fund, funded a variety of student organizations and passed a bill allowing the waiver of bylaws during Wednesday night’s meeting.

The Executive Board of IRHA interviewed a number of candidates but sat two new senators — Patrick Origer, freshman in computer engineering, and Mariana Gonzalez, junior in political science — to represent the IRHA in the Senate.

Student Government also approved Ian Searles, senior in geology, and Jacob Conn, junior in computer engineering, as senators of the Green Initiatives Fund.

All nominees were approved by unanimous consent.

Additionally, the Senate received an assortment of fund requests from clubs and organizations.

The student-led organization, Block and Bridle Club, provides packaged meals to the homeless. The club requested help from Student Government to purchase 50,000 meals for the homeless. 

Previously, the club used a sponsor to fund their projects, but this year the sponsor fell through, as a result the club requested $1,600.00 to fund the meals. 

The Korean Student Association requested $400 for an upcoming event on Nov. 9; the funds will be put toward Korean food ingredients.

The Iranian Students’ and Scholars’ Association aims to bring students originally from Iran or of Iranian descent together to promote their culture on campus. The association asked for $2,560.00 to purchase a variety of food and symbolic Persian items. 

The Iowa State Skydiving Club requested $5,643.20 to take part in competitions and rental costs for gear and airplanes

Each organization was funded separately by a majority vote.

Another funding request was from the Sparkle Squad. The squad is an all-inclusive cheer and dance team that includes individuals with disabilities. The group requested $2,012.36 for 14 new uniforms. The group requires the uniforms to continue with performances.  

The main point of contention between senators was the issue of the organization potentially asking for uniforms in recurring years. 

Four weeks ago, Student Government passed a bill to ensure groups would not be able to ask for items in a recurring fashion. Senators debated over the issue of the definition of recurring, and if its use of recurring was meant to be a yearly request or if the bill was up for discretion. 

The funding request for Sparkle Squad’s uniforms was tabled to be discussed at a future meeting. 

The Senate then reviewed a bill that would allow for the waiving of bylaws.

Currently, the Student Government does not allow for any procedures to be waived, but they do allow for the suspension of rules. Senator Mass and Senator Ludwig introduced a bill to change that.

The bill would require any Senate member to introduce the motion to waive and would need a second. The motion would then call for an affirmative two-thirds vote.

The bill passed with a vote of 27-0-0.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The Senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.