Parking illegally includes consequences

Students who receive a parking citation can hand deliver or mail in the payment to the Armory Building or Treasurer’s Office at Beardshear Hall. 

Jace Dostal

Parking on campus can present some issues to students if they do not know the Department of Public Safety parking division’s policies.  Some violations are warrant to receiving a ticket, while others can result in having your car get towed.

According to the DPS parking division manual, penalties include:

– The Department of Public Safety may remove any vehicle considered to be abandoned, left unattained on a street or a traffic hazard in a parking lot.

– Any vehicle with an accumulation of three unpaid violations may be subject to impoundment and held until payment is made. The violations must be more than 15 business days old, and not under appeal.

– Impounded vehicles are the responsibility of the vehicle’s registered owner, according to DPS Parking Division records.

– Impounded bicycles may be claimed within a three month period after impoundment upon proper identification, penalty payment and a $5 impoundment fee.

– Impounded bicycles not claimed after three months will be sold at an auction. Proceeds will go to ISU Surplus.

Most violations are not intentional according to Mark Miller, parking manager with the Department of Public Safety.

“We try to contact people before we tow the car.  A lot of times people will say ‘thank you’ because they didn’t realize they were parked illegally and they will move the car right away,” Miller said.

Miller said that cars are usually towed because they have a counterfeit permit, or they are in a fire lane or blocking a road. The day before a football game is always the busiest day for towing on campus.

Miller said when cars are still parked in the lot the day before a game, they send out two emails. Then if there is no response, the vehicle is towed.

To some ISU students, the parking problem can be easily fixed.  When asked about parking on campus, Mark Serovy, freshman in industrial technology, responded with a satirical “good luck.”

“I wish they had more parking closer to campus, like parking ramps,” Serovy said.

According to Miller, the parking division has two full-time officers and 15 to 20 student officers, depending on people’s schedules.  These officers can be seen patrolling the campus and issuing citations when needed.

If a student receives a parking ticket, they can pay it in six different ways, according to the ISU parking division website:

– Mail citation via campus mail to DPS parking, Room 27 Armory.

– Mail citation through U.S. mail at DPS parking, Room 27, Ames, IA 50011.

– Drop citations in the drop box at the customer service counter of the parking office at room 27, Armory Building.

– Bring payment to the parking office, Room 27, Armory Building during regular business hours.

– Pay through Accounts Receivable (U-Bill).

– Mail a check to the Treasurer’s Office, 1220 Beardshear Hall, Ames, IA 50011.

According to the ISU parking division, if your car has been towed, it can be found at Elmquist Deckers.