Look good, stay warm

Popular fashion this winter season includes button-up shirts, vests and scarves to stay fashionable and warm.

Leah Gage;

When winter hits, deciding what to wear can be a stressful battle between a person and their closet each morning.

Do they want to look good? Is there a way to balance out looking good while still staying warm?

Here are some ideas to spice up this winter’s wardrobe while staying practical for the bitter cold temperatures ahead.

1. Watch the Racks for Popular Colors

Retail clothing stores will be ahead of the weather when it comes to the upcoming season’s popular colors.

Tracy Gringer, owner and image consultant at Dulcet Style, said that this season, the color to look for is various shades of purple. The popular neutral to pair with this season’s hot color is gray.

“That’s a really simple way to update a wardrobe,”Gringer said. “Whatever the hot color of the moment, pull that color.”

2. Utilize Last Season’s Go-To Pieces

While some people pack away the summer and fall wardrobes when the mercury begins to drop, Gringer said there are some pieces that can be utilized in all of the seasons. 

“I love a maxi-skirt,” Gringer said. “They’re so comfortable, they’re like wearing pajamas. All of my clients that I put in them, just love them.”

Continuing to wear seasonal articles all depends on how they are manipulated to fit the season.

“For a great winter maxi skirt outfit I would put tights, boots and a sweater with it,” Gringer said.

3. Button Up Collared Shirts

Button up collared shirts are making a huge statement in this winter’s fashion, most commonly seen sporting a plaid pattern.

These shirts can be dressed up with leggings, boots and a scarf. If that doesn’t provide enough warmth, there are ways to add warmth, while keeping the look dressy and avoiding bulkiness.

Vests are huge this winter, said Amy Abrams, owner of The Loft, a consignment shop in downtown Ames. Vests can be a great addition to a button up collared shirt.

Sweaters over top a button up shirt provide a fashionable upgrade and an extra layer of warmth if the vest doesn’t attract the shopper’s eye.

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Abrams said scarves and stocking caps are both very popular accessories this winter and go with everything. Accessories are a great way to preserve body heat around the face.

“Infinity scarves are so popular right now and they go with everything,” said Abrams, but adds there are other ways to accessorize this winter.

“Many times when preparing mannequins if we use a turtle neck, we’ll pair it with jewelry,” said Abrams.