Kim: No reason for South Korea to fear North Korea

Seung Won Kim

When I introduce myself as a South Korean to Americans, they ask my perspective of North Korea very often. Sometimes they may express their concern that North Korea will invade the United States and send nukes all over the nation. Though I think that the North Korean government is insane, I don’t really think they can invade South Korea or the United States easily, just as most South Koreans think.

It seems as though many Americans have been brainwashed by the media, which only emphasizes on the North Korean government’s comment that North Korean military can ruin South Korea and the U.S. whenever they want. 

North Korea attacked South Korea several times after the Korean War. They hijacked planes to try to assassinate the president of South Korea a couple times in the 1960s to 1970s. North Korea also shot a missile and sank a South Korean ship in 2010, then shot the cannon to Yeonpyeong Island in South Korea in 2011. However, these kinds of incidents are very rare. 

North Korea’s threat to South Korea has been seen in the media, especially CNN, but not many in South Korea will be scared of this news. North Korean politicians always make scary comments, such as they will bomb Korean conservative broadcasting stations and kill the president in twenty minutes, but they rarely put these serious comments into actions.

North Korea chooses to always emphasize that communism will beat capitalism, and it will dominate all over the world, but in South Korea the citizens know that this is unrealistic. Hence, South Korean citizens who are going to be most affected by North Koreans’ serious threats, are not worried at all.

If North Korea really attacks South Korea or America, it will be destroyed before it has the possibility to destroy the two countries, since every democratic nation from the United Nations supports America.

Even China is telling North Korea to stop being aggressive these days because China prefers to increase its economic benefits by interacting with America and South Korea, instead of supporting an isolated nation like North Korea. Moreover, because North Korean politicians, including the leader, Kim Jong-un are willing to maintain their censorships and comfortable life in their luxurious palace, they won’t do something foolish, such as launching nuclear attacks on other countries.

Although South Korea and the United States should be prepared for North Korea’s unexpected bombing, we don’t really have to pay attention to every single word they say. North Korea is a small isolated nation, so it is not able to dominate all over the world and colonize the United States.

While American media is scaring viewers by showing how North Korean politicians are threatening them, most South Koreans don’t take this seriously because they know North Korea is too weak to attack other nations and dominate them. For me, North Korea looks like a little child saying that he or she will overtake a UFC fighter, when it mentions infeasible comments from their media.