Student Government seats new senators and at-larges


Caitlin Yamada

Senators Mason Zastrow and Morgan Fritz listen during the Sept. 18 Student Government meeting in the Campanile Room. Student Government discusses various bills and legislation that affect Iowa State and the community.

Cassie Lehmann

Student Government sat at-larges and senators to a variety of committees, funded many club requests, reviewed the procedure for passing bills, and discussed the Creation of Court Reform Bills with great extent at Wednesday’s night meeting.

Iowa State student, Rachel Junck, senior in chemical engineering visited Student Government to discuss the importance of voting for local elections during open forum. Junck is currently running for Ames City Council. 

The city council election will take place on November 5, 2019.

Majorette dance team, C-Nettes requested $1,314.32 to send 15 members of the team to a conference in Jackson. Mississippi in the coming year. C-Nettes has been at Iowa State since 2016 and their mission is to  encourage body positivity, team endurance, and build to relationships throughout Iowa States.

Iowa State student Nicholas Elms, senior in Industrial Engineering requested $1,000 from Student Government to fund a boat repair for the Crew Club. The club is a rowing team that competes roughly ten times a year and currently has 25 members. 

Iowa State ESports is looking to expand ESports to Iowa State students. The club requested $513.96 to send one member to a ESports educational conference in Irvine, California. 

All the club’s funding passed with a vote of 26-0-0.

Iowa State students Aline Milach Teixeira, sophomore in engineering and Michael Moreno, senior in biological systems engineering were sat as at-larges to the Green Initiatives Fund Committee with unanimous consent. 

Moreno transferred to Iowa State his junior year, coming from a small community school. 

“When I came here and it was super overwhelming and people doing all sorts of stuff,” said Moreno. “I want to try to help people complete their goals at Iowa State, just like I am here to complete mine.

Eliana Crabb, junior in hospitality management was sat as a Senator to Human Sciences. Kyle Eckrich, senior in computer engineering was sat as an at-large to the Student Initiatives Committee. Kayonna Topp, graduate student in community and regional planning was sat as an at-large to the Civic Engagement Committee. 

Additionally, Emily Hovey, senior in event management, Grace Campidilli, sophomore in genetics, Kylie Kost, senior in advertising, Daniel Hayes, sophomore in political science, and Tejas Jhamb, junior in marketing were sat as at-larges to the Public Relations Committee with unanimous consent. 


Senators Mckenzie Meradith and Joshua Hanyang were sat to the Public Relations Committee and Senators Alex Kleinand Hayat Sumael were sat to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Iowa State students; Nathalia Kimmel, junior in economics, Anna Vymetal, senior in agricultural studies, Behnia Shirazi, junior in biology, Cheyenne Carlson, sophomore in software engineering Joe Scholl, Madalyn Walker, senior in music, Marie Beecham, junior in pre-business Trinity Dearborn, senior in women’s and gender studies, and Veronica Kharunda, freshman in open option were all sat as at-larges to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with unanimous consent.

Currently, the by-laws of Student Government state that funding of all bills shall be passed by a roll-call vote. Senator Zachary Mass proposed the bill to Student Government to grant a quicker processing system for bills and preserve the time. The bill states it would not limit Senators voting rights. 

After discussion, the bill failed with a vote of 1-26-1. 

The Rules Committee proposed The Creation of Court Reform Bill. The bill requests that impeachment of the Student Government President and/or Vice President would be checked by an impartial party of Iowa State Supreme Court. 

“If the Senate were to impeach we have [Supreme Court] to check for constitutionality and then to vote to remove,” Senator Roling said. “To make sure [Student Government] have some sort of check in place.”

Senate would first have to win the majority vote to impeach. The case would then be passed onto the supreme court for review and final approval if the case were to ever come upon discussion. 

“We trust the court quite a great deal. We are giving them a lot of checks over [Student Government], giving them the power to overturn our bills, interpret our bylaws, internally select of Chief Officer,” Senator Stanley said.

After debate between Senators, the bill was passed with a vote of 22-5-0.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.