Three Notable Television Finales

Parker Reed

With the upcoming ending to many television shows such as Mad Men and Parks and Recreation, here are a few recent notable finales from past shows that are memorable in more that a few ways.

Minor spoilers may follow.

The Office “Finale” (2013)

Any fan of this extremely popular ‘mockumentary’ sitcom will be quick to admit that when Steve Carell’s iconic Michael Scott left the show, the quality also went with him. The eighth season is often regarded as the poorest of the show. However, season nine seemed to be a significant improvement, culminating in the appropriately titled ‘Finale.’ Classic events and jokes were referenced, and many characters made their return including the legendary Michael Scott.

Breaking Bad “Felina” (2013)

The hype train seemed endless for this AMC drama. The show could be viewed through Netflix just in time to catch the final season of this critically acclaimed show. Most of the action was saved for the episodes preceding the final episode, leading to extremely character driven finale with some truly masterful writing and directing. Ultimately, the ending was a topic of debate for some fans, but with a show this popular it would be impossible to please everyone.

How I Met Your Mother “Last Forever” (2014)

This mother — pun intended — of a television sitcom was met with extreme controversy from fans after its finale aired earlier this year. While the ending of this episode can be questioned from a fans preference, there is no denying the quality of the finale as a whole. Many story lines were wrapped up — including the infamous Slap-Bet — and many past episodes got some love too — Robots Vs. Wrestlers anyone? — Overall, I think that fans that disliked the ending should return and give this one another go with a more open mind.