Recognize catcalling and how to respond

Michaela Ramm

Catcalling can happen anywhere at anytime. There are some debates on the best way to respond to catcallers, so here are some brief tips on creating the best response.

Here are some possible ways to respond to catcalls:

  • Ignore them: don’t give them the satisfaction of an answer
  • Walk away: keep the interaction short
  • Make eye contact: confident body language will surprise, and deter the catcaller
  • Use a firm voice: make it known that what they are doing is not okay
  • Avoid swearing: cursing can backfire and cause the catcallers to react violently 

Most importantly, remember to be safe. Sometimes the best answer is the one that will prevent any violence on yourself. Never be afraid to call police.

Ames Police: 515-239-5133

Campus Police: 515-294-0383

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