DIY: Homemade Christmas ornaments

Kendall Evans

It’s the holiday time and you have your Christmas tree set up but you are missing one thing — ornaments. Ornaments give a Christmas tree life and character, however ornaments can be so expensive. Homemade ornaments are the true way to light up a tree and they also make great gifts. Making an ornament is an easy thing to do and it isn’t going to break the bank.

Ball Ornaments

There are many different things someone can do with a ball ornament to add a personal touch to them. One is making a glitter ornament.  All you need is:

  • Liquid Pledge floor cleaner
  • Clear ball ornaments
  • Glitter
  • A funnel

First, start by putting a tablespoon of the Pledge floor finish inside the ornament and swirl it around until the floor finish has covered the entire inside. Pour any excess back into the bottle.

Next, using the funnel, pour the glitter of your choice into the ornament. Covering the hole at the top of the ornament, swirl the glitter around until glitter covers the entire inside. After the ornament is covered with glitter pour any extra glitter out and place the top back on the ornament.

Voilà! A beautiful ornament ready to be hung up. You can go further with this by adding stickers or making a design with puff paint on the outside of the ornament.


Wine Cork Reindeer

Instead of throwing away your old wine corks, turn then into a cute reindeer ornament. If you don’t have any wine corks, this is a great excuse to drink some wine. Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Three wine corks
  • A small red ball for the nose
  • Two googly eyes
  • A screw eye
  • A little piece of fabric for the tail
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • String
  • Cutting board
  • Pearing knife
  • Glue gun

First, start by cutting one of the corks in fourths to create the legs. Then take another cork, which will be the body of the reindeer, and hot glue two of the cut pieces of cork to each side of the longer cork. Don’t skimp on the glue to make sure that the body stays together.

Once the body of the reindeer is put together, it’s time to attach the head. Take the last cork you have and cut it down to the size you’d want the head to be. Just like with the legs, hot glue your last piece of cork onto one of the ends of the body.

Now that your reindeer’s body is fully assembled, it’s now time to make the face. Start by taking your pipe cleaner and making two antlers and either hot gluing them to the back of the reindeer’s head or stick the pipe cleaners into the top of the cork. Next, take the googly eyes and hot glue them to the top, rounded side of the head.

Last is to attach is the nose and tail. Take the small red ball and hot glue it to the front, flat side of head. Now, take the small piece of fabric and hot glue that to the opposite side of the side with the head to make the tail.

Once you have your fully assembled reindeer, it’s time to make it into a full ornament. Take the screw eye that you have and screw it into the middle of the body of the reindeer. Next, put a string through the screw eye and make a loop.

There you have it! A cute reindeer ornament to add to your tree.