Holiday party tips

Saige Heyer

Winter break is a great time to gather your friends and family for a holiday party. Spice up your traditional holiday party with some of these themed ideas.

Tree decorating

Invite your friends over for some good, old-fashioned tree decorating. Have each person bring an ornament that reminds them of you or their favorite thing about the holidays so that each ornament on the tree has its own unique story.

Christmas around the world

Research different Christmas traditions around the world and put them all together into one party. Not only will your guests learn more about other cultures, they will also have a new holiday tradition or inspiration for starting their own with their families.

Christmas carol karaoke

Karaoke is a popular activity to do at bars and parties because everybody gets to sing their favorite songs and not have to worry too much about how good they are at singing. To throw a holiday twist in, the only music that can be sung at your party is Christmas carols.

DIY gifts and giftwrapping

If you and your friends all have gifts that either need to be made or wrapped, why not get together and enjoy each other’s company while crossing a few items off your list of things to get done. Just remember not to bring the gifts you plan on giving to each other!

Holiday brunch

Instead of hosting a traditional Christmas party in the evening, invite your friends and family over for brunch. This will not only give you more time to spend together, but nobody will have to be traveling on the icy roads late at night.

White Christmas

For this theme, ask your guests to wear white and decorate your home with white decorations. You can either have a Bing Crosby classic movie playing on the TV or play the soundtrack to it in the background. There are many recipes out there for white foods and drinks, such as powder sugar covered pastries and White Russians.