Best online sites for Christmas gifts

Samuel Vander Forest

There are always the generic Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart sites that you can resort to for a wide range of gifts, but sometimes you need to find more area-specific websites to get the real deals. Below you’ll find a few websites you may have known about, and a few you may not, for the fashion gurus and the tech-savvy people in your life.

For the Tech-Savvy – This website is like the eBay of pure technology. They have everything from cellphones to computers and tablets, office supplies, TVs, gaming supplies and even a bit more that you wouldn’t expect. Their prices are fairly average, as you’d expect, but once Thanksgiving break and the holiday season starts, this is the place to be for deals. – Newegg is a lot like TigerDirect, but it delves into more technology specific areas like software and automotive tech. While it publicizes its technology supply, it surprisingly also sells apparel, and odd apparel at that. – The site’s name describes itself perfectly because its home screen is filled with superheroes, Star Wars, and unique, geeky knick-knacks. ThinkGeek dwells in fewer of the popular tech categories like cell phones and TVs, and ventures into more of the out-of-the-box accessories. ThinkGeek has a lot of products that are exclusive to its site, and its bestsellers are truly perfect for the geek in your life.

For the Fashion-Oriented Guy – Jackthreads is the trendsetter in men’s fashion today, and at extremely affordable pricing. Jackthreads sells all the appropriate clothing for when you need to be casual or formal, and have the nicest styles available for men. – With a lot of its clothing being more fitted and having its own style, it seems like it will fit a niche category of men. It does, however, have some of the lowest online shopping prices for the nicest styles. The men’s clothing section definitely gives off a vibe of an Italian man or someone that lives in the city, so reserve this for the trendier guy.

Asos.comCQ – To describe Asos in a few words, it would be like SammyDress but with a higher price tag. It has the wide collection of products like Jackthreads with the unique flair of SammyDress, but on a more upscale level.

For the Fashionista – Lulu’s is like the Jackthreads for women. Everyone seems to know about it and its simple yet unique clothing and accessories have gained a lot of popularity recently. With most of their products priced no higher than $100, it’s no wonder why ladies love it so much. – While it is an ideal site for men, it is even more so for women. With an extremely diverse product list and style range and an average price tag, Asos has made a name for itself in both upscale women’s clothing and comfort clothes. They also have an Asos On Campus program that gives students nationwide 10 percent off with every purchase. – Although it is not a clothing provider itself, Wanelo has become a massive favorite for bringing together the best of other stores. It’s like the Pinterest of clothing and accessories. It brings together products from, SHOPBOP, Boticca and many more.