Woods: Runny noses, over-the-counter drugs don’t mix

Zoë Woods

The common cold affects us all. Whether we get it ourselves or someone close to us comes down with it. It is everywhere. Rightdiagnosis.com has come up with statistics that show just how prominent the common cold is in our lives. 

  • 1 billion colds in the U.S. annually
  • 1-in-4 will get the cold
  • Children get 6-10 colds annually
  • Adults get 2-4 colds annually
  • 7,077 people get a cold per hour
  • 117 people get a cold per minute
  • 1 person gets a cold per second

This just goes to show that the cold is something we can’t escape, so using precautionary measures and taking care of the body is very important in fighting it.