How to Occupy your Time over Christmas Break

Samantha Berrafato

Three weeks. We get three weeks of break this holiday season. Now what to do? Going back to your hometown can be exciting, but can also get boring after a while. Keep yourself occupied with these tips!

Meet up with old friends

Remember that everyone from your high school class is in the same boat as you, wanting to get that hour away from their families and the awkward questions. Call up some old friends to catch up over some Panera soup or Starbucks coffee.

Last minute gift shopping

Need more gifts for family or your best friend that you thought you weren’t going to see until New Year’s? Get out of that house and get those last few gifts! No one will question why you aren’t home and you get to check off some boxes on your long to do list!

Play with your pet

Your dog probably missed you while you were gone all semester, and that tease of Thanksgiving made him think you were home for good. Take your pet for a walk or spend some time playing tug-of-war or fetch with them. You know you secretly missed them, too. I wanted to sneak my dog into my bag after last year’s holiday break.

Have a movie marathon

Have you been dying to watch all eight Harry Potter movies in a row but have not had the time at school? Here is your chance to watch all those movies without too much judgment. You can force your dog to watch them with you so you have company. If you want to get out of the house, go see a movie in theaters!


You just finished finals. Sleep in, binge watch Netflix and eat some holiday ham. Just take some time to let your body rest before next semester begins.