The Great Move

Kendall Evans

The kid’s table is a place we have all been. Some can’t wait to get away, while others wish they could stay there forever.

Being in college, we are now at the awkward stage when we are eligible to move to the adult’s table. Since we are away from home, living on our own and one step closer to being in the ‘real world,’ moving to the adults’ table is a realization that we are growing up. This transition can be a strange one, but it can also be a milestone, even if it may not feel like it.

“When I went to college and came back for break I was sitting at the adult’s table,” said Kati Helling, senior in history.

“My transition wasn’t like an amazing day or anything, it just sort of happened,” said Rachel Buttery, senior in hospitality management.

This move sets more in stone that we are, in fact, adults.

“The adult’s table is more of a goal, it’s more of a concept kind of thing,” said Alex Rohrssen, senior in industrial engineering.

Growing up is a scary thing to consider. We are no longer children and soon, we may even have children of our own to replace our spots at the kid’s table.

“I prefer the adult’s table,” said Brad Haas, junior in aerospace engineering. “I prefer the conversations with the adults because it’s more civilized.”

“Everyone whom I want to talk to is at the adult’s table,” Buttery said. “I don’t want to sit and babysit while I eat.”

While some embrace this transition, others don’t mind still having a seat at the kids’ table.

“The kid’s table is definitely more fun,” Rohrssen said.

The kid’s table allows us to be kids again and to relive some childhood memories.

“I’d rather be at the kids’ table,” said Ella Montgomery, sophomore in communications. “They still play with their food and make weird noises and are fun while the adults just talk about important issues.”

Montgomery said the adult’s table is just boring.

“I love the kid’s table because I get to talk about fun stupid things instead of boring adult things,” said Ann McLoughlin, junior in mechanical engineering. “I’d rather just sit there and play with my food and not care about anything.”

Really, the kid’s and adult’s tables are more than just a place to sit during a holiday meal. There is a certain meaning surrounding what seems to be just a table. We have been at the kid’s table for a long time and the adult’s table is a new world we finally get to see.

Sooner or later, we will all be at the adult’s table. It’s a transition that has to be made, but at our own time. Your transition could be small or could be a day you’ll remember for a long time. This transition is, in reality, a milestone that we pass when you are no longer a kid, but an adult.

Whether it’s the kids’ table or the adults’ table, the nicest thing is that you are with family and friends celebrating the holiday season.