International Transgender Day of Remembrance


Jonathan Laczniak/Iowa State Daily

An ISU student pulls a balloon off of Gamma Rho Lambda’s interactive art piece to observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20 outside of Parks Library. Participants of the activity paid $1 to throw a balloon full of paint at a board of nails to create a piece of art. Each balloon had a message written on it to remember transgender people who have passed away. All funds are being donated to a local charity aimed at transgender support.

Morgan Kelly

International Transgender Day of Remembrance is not only about those who have lost their lives due to hate-crimes. It is also about recognizing how you can do your part to raise awareness and be accountable for your own privilege and power in society.

Identifying as cisgender is to identify with the same gender society has assigned to the sex you were born with. Identifying this way has certain privileges. The following is a list of examples of said privileges.

1) Use of public restrooms without fear of verbal or physical abuse.

2) Strangers do not ask you what your genitals look like “now”.

3) You get to blend in with society because of your gender expression.

4) No one asks you what your “real name” is.

5) You can easily find role models and mentors who share your identity.

This is just a short list of a very extensive and long list of privileges cisgender people take for granted.

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