Letter: Women’s athletics deserve support

Cyclone Nation, let me start by saying I have a bone to pick with all of you. Why is it at the last women’s basketball game, there was a mere 20 students in the student section? Does the team that also had a 14-0 start last season, and has had countless appearances in the NCAA tournament, not deserve the support of their fellow student body?

Anyone who lives in Ames knows how difficult it was to even breathe the night of the men’s first exhibition game that brought out over 10,000 people, a game that they also won by 67 points. That’s right; 10,000 people showed up to watch a Division I team beat a NAIA team.

Two games in a row the women hosted both Division II and Division III teams and both games they made more 3-pointers than the amount of people in the student section. So my question to you is, what more do they have to do to prove themselves?

Ball is life for the women just as much as it is for the men, and if you all can continuously go to the football games and cheer for those results, why not do the same for much better results?

So Cyclone Nation I challenge you, the next women’s basketball game, let’s make them feel like they have an adequate amount of support from the greatest fans in the country.