Safe zone training for the sports world

Morgan Kelly

To be LGBT safe-zone trained at Iowa State, a person must be ISU faculty, staff or graduate assistant. They then must sign up for a time in which they will attend the training.

Training is a three-hour long program in which the participants are put in different situations that an LGBT student may experience and learn the history of the LGBT community.

After the program concludes, safe zone trainees are encouraged to go to the second tier of the training, the Out2Lunch series. They also receive a sticker to place in their window or somewhere in their office to let students know they have been certified and are a safe place to go.

Out2Lunch is a monthly program which discusses different topics concerning the many facets and nuances of the LGBT community. For each Out2Lunch attended, participants receive another sticker to place on their original safe zone sticker.

This further let’s people know they have been through extensive training and understand more parts of the community.

For information on the LGBT community and their partnership with the athletic department, click here.