Editorial: What the Daily is most thankful for: our readers

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Editorial Board

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything positive one has in life and to put daily stresses and minor problems in perspective. So this year the ISD Editorial Board would like to take a moment to appreciate what we are most thankful for this holiday season — our readers.

Everything we do at the Daily is with our readers in mind. We work every day to serve our readers with coverage about campus , sports and more on many different platforms. So we would like to thank those students, alumni, faculty, parents and all others that use us as a source of news regularly.

We appreciate every time you read or share our content on social media, praise us for a well-written or important story and even point out when we make mistakes. Thank you for reading, supporting us and allowing us to grow throughout our 124-year history.

Without you the readers, we would simply not be here. Without a community to serve, the student journalists, designers, advertising representatives, public relations practitioners and more here at the Daily would not have a news organization at which to learn.

Because of you, the Daily has one of the largest social media followings of a student newspaper in the country. We have also won countless awards over the years, and many of our students gone on to accomplish their professional goals and aspirations all because we had you.

The students at the Daily strive each and every day to better serve our community. We want to become a better news organization and, with that, we want to know how we are doing and what more we can do for our readers.

The Daily encourages readers to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments you may have. The students at the Daily welcome any constructive criticism our readers may have. Readers can contact us through social media, email or phone. All of the Daily’s contact information can be found on our website here, as well as in the bylines of every story.

Thank you again, readers. And the Daily staff wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving.