Letter: Amy Klobuchar is the kind of leader we need


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Letter writer Terrence Curran believes Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., is the candidate with the leadership ability to replace Donald Trump.

Terrence Curran

The Trump administration’s willingness to ignore problems such as gun violence, climate change, infrastructure and its transparent, full-frontal assault on health care and general decency guarantee that the next presidential election will determine the direction and character of our country for many years to come.

We are on a trajectory to hand the reigns of government to the highest bidder and degrade its basic functions of serving the people. This makes it critically important that the Democratic Party choose a candidate who not only has a progressive vision to move the country to a sustainable and productive future but also a candidate who beat Donald Trump.

I believe Senator Amy Klobuchar is that candidate. She has a vision as outlined in her plan for the first 100 days of her presidency to revitalize our democracy and base policy decisions on reality. She will heal the divisions stoked by political extremes, restore our standing in the world and enact a forward looking, proactive agenda to address climate change, health care, voting rights, gun violence, financial equality, immigration, education, mental health and all the issues that are being deliberately and maliciously ignored or actively enflamed by the current administration. 

Amy Klobuchar is not an entertainer but she is amiable, intelligent and down to earth. She will not bombard your Twitter feed to rile her base and boost her ego. She will not mislead you in order to win your support. She will not tear down the pillars of our democracy to satisfy party extremists. She is a leader who will be honest, dependable, moral, unselfish and hardworking to improve lives and a broken system. She is the type of leader our country needs to keep it from coming apart at the seams.