Faculty Senate discusses textbooks, NTE and high enrollment

Kevin Schalinske, faculty senate president, speaks at the faculty senate meeting in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union on Oct. 14.

Emi Soupene

The ISU Faculty Senate discussed textbook adoption, employee benefits and their annual Non-Tenure Eligibility report.

On Oct. 14, the Faculty Senate met for the second time this year in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. The Government of the Student Body also briefly shared a few of their current projects.

Jonathan Wickert, senior vice president and provost, gave his annual Non-Tenure Eligibility report.

Non-tenured staff positions are the positions that are up for renewal based on performance at the end of an employee’s term. Some of the NTE faculty include professional clinicians, instructors and researchers.

According to Wickert, hiring a mix of tenured and non-tenured faculty members is crucial for proper balance.

“It’s a balance of research and meeting advanced educational needs,” Wickert said.

A few members from the University Bookstore also spoke about their textbook adoption program and the use of eBooks.

This year the Bookstore had over 400 eBooks available and sold over 1,000 units, an increase from last year’s 371 eBooks available and 674 sold.

EBooks are a more affordable alternative to traditional print textbooks. However, some people prefer a physical book to a digital one, they said.

“Change is good, right?” said Rita Phillips, director of the UBS.

Hillary Kletscher, GSB president, also spoke at the meeting and presented a few of their current projects. They recently opened a Student Loan Office on the first floor of Beardshear.

“[Loans are] one of the biggest stressers for students in their day-to-day lives,” Kletscher said.

The loan office is a place where students with loans can voice their financial concerns with professionals and try to work through any payment difficulties.

Iowa State’s increasing enrollment was another hot topic, Kletscher said.

“Student population is a huge topic,” Kletscher said about students’ concerns with increased enrollment.

GSB is gathering input from students and talking about concerns with administration in order to learn how to cope with student population.

 “Students can voice their concerns, ask questions and really make sure their voices are heard so we may continue to provide [an]…Iowa State student’s needs,” Kletscher said.

The next Faculty Senate meeting is at 3:30-5:00 on November 11th in the Great Hall of the MU.