New student-made app keeps campus updated on events


Courtesy of Nicholas Terhall

Nicholas Terhall, GSB director of student affairs, developed an app known as Ventfull where students can add their own events onto the calendar and rate events they think are important.

Oscar Alvarez

A new app will show ISU students which events they may want to attend. 

Nicholas Terhall, GSB director of student affairs and senior in aerospace engineering, has worked to expand Ventfull to the Iowa State Campus. Ventfull is an app where students can add their own events onto the calendar and rate events they  think are important.

The app is designed like Reddit.

Reddit is a website that showcases what is new and popular on the internet. Users of Reddit provide all of the content, and they can vote for what they believe is interesting and exciting and vote against what they believe is unappealing. When the front page is refreshed, links with the most votes remain at the top and front of the page.

Terhall acquired the idea for Ventfull from a group of students who attended Brown University last year.

“They developed this platform their senior year, launched it their senior year, and had quite a bit of success at Brown,” said Terhall. “My roommate from my summer internship this year knew one of the guys who founded it, and told me about it. I talked and worked with the guy since the end of June, worked with him pretty closely and developed it from there.”

In order for this app to become a reality, Terhall had to work with a lot of different people both in and out of the GSB.

“I’ve worked mainly with the three guys from Brown, I’ve worked with people inside GSB, I’m currently working with Trademark to get some trademark things figured out,” Terhall said.

Terhall believes it will be beneficial for students to have because any student can create events, see events and share events.

“What is really cool about this is that it is going to allow some of the smaller student groups to get more publicity about events that they may not be able to get elsewhere,” he said.

Mike Hoefer, GSB vice president, said he also believes Ventfull will be beneficial to all students on campus.

Carlton Stripe, GSB’s director of university affairs, spoke well about Terhall’s project.

“I believe the project and app can be as big as students would like to make it,” Stripe said. “There isn’t a bar set on how far this app could be utilized. I honestly believe that once this application becomes known to some students, the growth it is able to achieve is exponential. This app is a great way for students to obtain a compiled version of the events going on around them in the Iowa State and Ames communities.” 

Students interested in Ventfull can learn more about it on its launch date, Oct. 15, the same day the GSB is hosting “Meet Your Government” day.

Students can also download the app for free. 

“Ventfull is funded by the GSB and is free to all students on the app store,” said Terhall.