Timeline of Ferguson incident

Morgan Kelly

Professor at University of Missouri, St. Louis, Todd Swanstrom, addressed the issue of race and social class at the Memorial Union Oct. 8 as it relates to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Miss., in August.

Aug. 9 – Officer Darren Wilson shoots Michael Brown. It is debated whether or not Brown had his hands raised when Wilson shot the final fatal shots.

Aug. 11 – Police use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd that had gathered outside a Quiktrip that was burned to the ground the night before in protest.

Aug. 12 – The SWAT team arrives to try and disperse a crowd of protesters chanting “don’t shoot” with their hands in the air.

Aug. 16 – Curfew is put in effect from 12 to 5 a.m.

Sept. 23 – After a memorial to Michael Brown was burned to the ground, hundreds of protesters gather and call for Police Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation.

Sept. 26 – The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division requested that Jackson not allow police officers to wear “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets when on duty.

Sept. 27 – Police officer was shot in the arm during a routine check of the Ferguson Community Center.

Sept. 28 – A large crowd gathered to protest and threw bottles and rocks at police officers.

Sept. 29 – Protesters and clergymen stand outside the police department praying and chanting. One clergyman is eventually arrested.

Oct. 4 – About 50 protesters delayed an orchestra concert and sang some old civil rights tunes. They left peacefully when they were done.

Oct 6. – Protesters and baseball fans had a chanting battle outside Busch Stadium.

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