SOAR educates Iowa

Danielle Ferguson

A winged guest flew into the Memorial Union to help educate campus about the dangers wild birds face because of human activity.

Blaze, a 6-year-old kestrel falcon, perched on Terrie Hoefer’s gloved hand as she explained how Saving Our Avian Resources rescues raptor birds and educates the community about how they can help the birds.

SOAR volunteers were in the Workspace of the Memorial Union to craft jesses, thin leather straps used to tether falcons or hawks to a holder.

Hoefer has volunteered for SOAR, a non-profit organization that supports wildlife rehabilitation, education and research, for 10 years. SOAR helps more than 200 injured or poisoned birds each year.

Bald eagles are the main focus for the group right now, she said. Eagles are poisoned mostly from lead ammunition used for hunting deer or other animals.

Hoefer said anybody can help the cause by donating money, volunteering, keeping an eye out for injured birds and other wildlife and spreading the word about using non-lead bullets while hunting.

For more information about how to help SOAR and its cause, visit or call 712-830-6116.