8 fashion hacks for students

Rachel Geronimo

Being a fashionista isn’t always easy. It can be challenging when a wardrobe needs a little more TLC than is expected. Here are some fashion hacks that can help those complicated situations disappear.

Tie your way around the world

Want an easier way to create different shapes on a garment? Individuals can either use a ponytail or a rubber band to create their kind of style!

Grab any side of the shirt, secure a rubber band around it, then tie a small knot to create an 80s look.

Pin it

Don’t know how to sew but need to hem something up? Bobby pins are great alternatives for a sew free zone!

Start to roll the selected area inward as if it were to be hemmed, and finish the process by taking two clear bobby pins and securing them on seams of clothing.

Lint your way out

Don’t have a lint roller and don’t have time to get one? Use a either tape, or a razor to get rid of those stubborn pills.

Softly run over the razor or staple the tape generously around the area that is needed to be taken care of.

Wrinkle free

Ever had a moment where there was no time to iron that shirt? Use a hot shower as a way to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles. Steam will cause the fibers in the garment to be relax and left loose leaving you with a fresh and pressed wrinkle free garment.

Tape saves the day

Have a backless dress but no appropriate undergarment? No fear, tape is here!

Purchase some soft fabricated duct tape, and wear the tape according to the directions for a nice and clean backless look.

Tight new shoes

Ever bought new shoes that are too tight? Try stretching them with ice!

All you need are two zip lock bags; fill them up with a cup of water and insert them fittingly in your shoes. Stick them in the freezer for 24 hours.

Shoe away the stink

Fill two tube socks with a cup of baking soda and insert the socks in your shoes. Place your shoes in a room with no humidity, wait about 24 hours, and you’ll have some fresh smelling shoes to start of your day once again.

Road trip

Shower caps are very expandable and fit comfortably around your shoes. They are perfect for your long travels and organizing your packing space. Buy some shower caps at the dollar store for gentle wallet budgets and store all your pairs of shoes in the caps.