Dance Marathon holds flash mob in library


Student representatives from Iowa State Dance Marathon, a club that hosts events and raises funds for the Children’s Miracle Network, performed a flash mob at noon on Oct. 21 inside Parks Library.

Wendy Cardwell

The Dance Marathon organization refers to Miracle week as their recruitment week as they promote their organization to ISU students and the Ames community. The Dance Marathon organization funds money for the University of Iowa children’s hospital.

All funds go straight to the children’s network hospital.

This week Dance Marathon is working on promoting the organization to recruit members to become involved and register for this organization. The organization is hopes for students to become involved in helping the children’s hospital, and build those strong connections with the children, and students participating in Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement involving numerous people such as students, alumni, graduate students, and of course the children whom are being treated at the hospital.

Each dancer has the opportunity to raise $250 dollars for the kids, which usually exceeds that limit. Once they do they are invited to the celebration in January.

Last year Dance Marathon raised about 427,000. There were about 850 dancers, 200 committee members, 100-150 family members who came together to be involved with the event.

On January 24th, there will be a 12-40 hour long event where the students, families, and children play games, dance, and celebrate the amount of fundraising they made this year.