The Kingdom Choir brings powerful performance to Stephens Auditorium


The Kingdom Choir will spread love, hope and joy at their Stephens Auditorium performance Monday.

Nyamal Gatluak

When The Kingdom Choir took the stage no one in the audience could have guessed how this concert would be carried out. 

The crowd instantly fell silent as 16 members of The Kingdom Choir opened the show with a soulful arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer, raising golden hand-held battery powered candles. A warm and positive energy filled the room and had everyone excited of what was  to come. 

“I hope you’ve brought your dancing shoes,” said award-winning choir director Karen Gibson.

The London based gospel group did not disappoint at all as they took the stage Monday night in Stephens Auditorium.

The choir had everyone on their feet as they performed classics like “Lean On Me, O Happy Day,” and “Respect.” The audience swayed in awe as the choir members sang a rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” The selection of songs performed were able to connect with everyone, even if they weren’t all traditional gospel songs.  

If you looked around at people in the audience, it was clear to see the performance had an emotional impact. People were dancing, crying, singing and praising.

“We love people. Love leaks. In fact, whatever you carry leaks. You can say one thing but if you don’t really feel it then it won’t leak,” said Gibson about how they connect with a broad audience.

“It won’t translate,” said Alto Ayanna Mitchell. “We believe what we preach, and love is a big key.” 

Ron McFarland, a former Iowa State University football player, described how their performance impacted him.

“This group is like down home,” McFarland said. “A lot of familiar songs, a lot of emotion, really rhythmic, and they gave us a great theme – love, hope, and inspiration. This kind of music got me through tough times in university and I played this type of music every day”.

Freshman in mechanical engineering Mia Riddley was in attendance at this event and said she enjoyed the performance and thought it had an impact. 

“I felt like I went to church, and I loved their energy,” Riddley said. “I like how they got people involved and I really enjoyed it.”

The Kingdom Choir’s live performance is authentic, powerful, inspirational and joyful.  Also – don’t forget your dancing shoes.