How to become a sninja


Jenna Reeves/ Iowa State Daily

Brianna Burgert, senior in mechanical engineering, writes “Smile, show the world how beautiful you really are,” on a bathroom mirror on campus. The Sninja Club regularly goes on smile missions to help others feel good about themselves.

Morgan Kelly

How to: be a Sninja

Step 1: Be stealthy, quick, and quiet. These three are key to be a true sninja. The anonymity is one of the most important parts of being a sninja.

Step 2: Have a hefty supply of post-it notes, expo markers, and energy. Having the supplies to make others smile is key. Without them, the smiles don’t happen.

Step 3: Get together with others and spread the smiles. Pass the joy around with others, there’s no better way to spread happiness than to spread it with others.

Step 4: Always be there to lend a helping hand to those in need. Don’t just take part in the organized missions, be on the look out to do random acts of kindness everywhere.

Step 5: Be kind to everyone. Just be the kind of person someone wouldn’t mind bumping into.

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