Tips to making friends in college

Devin Wilmott

When coming to college, especially as a freshman, making friends may be the number one thing on most students’ minds.

The truth: Everyone is looking for friends. It can be pretty scary to come to college without any prior connections like high school friends or classmates. Making friends can seem pretty stressful, but creating lasting friendships is what shapes one’s college experience.The trick to establishing quality friendships is knowing the most opportune time and taking advantage of it.

Both being involved in greek life and living in dorms are great ways to meet new people and establish long-lasting relationships. Don’t be afraid to keep your door open to allow people to stop by and say hi. Also, introduce yourself to those on your floor that have their doors open and don’t be afraid to spark up conversation. Those types of simple interactions could potentially evolve into great friendships. 

“When I have events on my floor, a lot of them don’t know each other, and they usually end up like keeping their doors more open after a night of hanging out with them” said Brianna Gerads, junior in computer engineering and community adviser for fifth floor in Larch Hall.

Another easy way to meet people is through joining an organization or club of interest. Clubs can be great for volunteering activities and social functions that can create a good atmosphere for forming new friendships.

“It’s definitely an opportunity to meet lifelong friends,” said Charlie O’Brien, senior in public relations and president of the Iowa State’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. “If you’re a freshman, the odds are better meeting a friend through a student organization or club, rather than a class, because as a freshman, you’re in bigger lecture halls with 200 to 300 people.”

Even though your freshman classes are usually large, try introducing yourself to the people sitting next to you and making casual conversation with them.

“Once you meet someone you have something in common with in your class, take it outside of class and hang out with them because you never know, they could become one of your good friends” said Amanda Kindred, sophomore in animal ecology.

Having close friends is an important part to one’s happiness, emotional health, and well-being. When looking to make friends, it is important to know that everyone is looking to meet new people and to create lasting friendships that will make the college experience a great one.