Hello to new Self: Balance life with section’s advice, tricks


Devin Wilmott, sophmore in kinesiology, is the editor of the new Self section. This section will provide tips to living a mentally, emotionally and physically, healthy life.

Devin Wilmott

A section that will present helpful tips and guided information on how to make steps toward living a healthy life has been created for you.

But what does healthy mean anyway? Well, are you happy? Not only are you happy, but do you feel good about yourself? Can you look in the mirror every morning and genuinely be happy with who you are? This is the true meaning of healthy.

With that being said, we must come to understand that being healthy is so much more complex than just physical appearances. Actually, the outward appearance is far less important than what is going on internally. But being physically healthy and taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of what is going on inside your persona. Ultimately, being healthy is having balance in every aspect of your life.

Furthermore, we must also come to understand that living a healthy lifestyle is not a destination but rather a journey in itself. In this section, we will talk about many mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ways to continue this journey on a budget and in doing so, empower ourselves through motivating one another. Welcome to the Self section, I’m glad you are here.