Kletscher stresses collaboration: Executives, senators look toward ‘Year of Student’


Suhaib Tawil/Iowa State Daily

New GSB President Hillary Kletscher gives a speech after she gets sworn into office April 7 in the Campanile Room in the Memorial Union.

William Dyke

Hillary Kletscher was sworn in as the new president of the Government of the Student Body during April 7’s inauguration.

The inauguration opened with speeches from Travis Reed, GSB executive chief of staff, and Martino Harmon, ISU associate vice president of student affairs. New senators and the new vice president, Mike Hoefer, were also inaugurated. 

“It’s a lot of work that requires commitment and dedication, and not everyone is able to give that level of commitment and dedication that you will be giving or have given,” Harmon said. “You are helping to continue Iowa State’s tradition of great leadership.”

Harmon went on to list the values of leadership and to further congratulate and thank those being inaugurated for their commitment to the students of Iowa State.

Following Harmon’s speech, Reed announced the GSB members of the year: Speaker Gabrielle Williams and Presha Kardile, director of student diversity.

Spencer Hughes, former GSB president, delivered his final speech, thanking the senators, his executive cabinet, the GSB Supreme Court, Harmon and the advisors of GSB: Pamela Anthony, dean of students; Richard Reynolds, director of the Memorial Union; Corey Williamson, associate director; Scott Broady, graduate adviser, and many others.

Hughes also congratulated the new and returning members of the Senate, as well as Kletscher and Hoefer.

“Their leadership skills were evident from day one,” Hughes said. “This past year, the three of us have continued to work closely, and I’ve seen first hand their work ethic and their passion for service and campus improvement.”

Hughes expressed excitement for next year’s GSB, noting increased voter turnouts, candidates and campaigning. He also expressed his anticipation for the Big 12 Student Government Conference, calling it “an outstanding opportunity.”

Following the inauguration of the senators, Hoefer was sworn in as vice president and delivered his first speech, sending a challenge to GSB.

“We have one year,” Hoefer said. “By the end of that, I want everyone in this room to be able to look back and say they made a positive impact on student experience.”

Hoefer said he was honored to be working alongside Kletscher. Kletscher started her speech with quotes from Steve Jobs and Walter Isaacson.

“‘The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do,’” Kletscher said. “It’s that simple.”

Kletscher challenged GSB as well.

“What happens if we reach out to students, when we stop expecting students to come to us, and we ask for their input?” she asked.

Following her points on communication, Kletscher moved to the importance of collaboration, reiterating her campaign platform and then to advocacy, stressing the importance for GSB members to recognize their ability to connect and assist their constituents.

“If we don’t collaborate, a year from now, will we have achieved anything?” Kletscher asked. “So let’s collaborate, let’s continue to work together. You’re here for students, your voice is the students’ voice.”

Following the inauguration, Hughes gave some final comments on GSB.

“I just want to say how happy I am with everything over the past year,” Hughes said. “This was an incredibly accomplished year for GSB. I’m stepping away with a lot of pride about everything we’ve accomplished.”

Hughes said he would always be following GSB and expressed his confidence in Kletscher’s and Hoefer’s abilities as leaders.

Hoefer reflected on the past year, also noting GSB’s successful year of beneficial projects and continuing work with students. Hoefer said he would like to improve the efficiency of the Senate meetings to spend “less time talking, more time doing.”

He expressed the importance of the meetings but noted that it was also important that every senator and cabinet member gets involved in student life.

Kletscher offered a reflection on the past year as well, noting the relationships she’d built with students, leaders and administration as well as the easier transition from vice president to president.

“This year is about what we do for the students of Iowa State University,” Kletscher said. “To make 2014 and 2015 the ‘Year of the Student.’”