GSB Meeting 3-26-14

William Dyke

It was a big night for the Government of the Student Body (GSB) as the Sun Room filled up with a plethora of representatives for the many ISU student organizations.

Bills for over 90 different organizations were passed unanimously in the regular allocations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014.

The largest discussion of the night revolved around the budget for KURE 88.5. Represented by Treasurer Dax SuntkenCQ, General Manager Marshall HilgemannCQ, and Assistant General Manager John HarlowCQ, the organization requested that the GSB Finance Committee reconsider funding $1,080 for new landlines.

KURE argued that it was necessary to have funding for the three landlines as the Federal Communications Commission mandated it. The representatives did stress that KURE was an organization with lots of overhead and capital acquisitions that could not receive GSB funding. However, several members of senate did raise concerns over the requested funds.

“We cut utilities in half for all groups,” Sen. Hamad AbbasCQ said.

Sen. Khayree FittenCQ expressed further concerns, noting that KURE had been granted funding at ten times more than any other group. Fitten believed that the group had been given their due and that it would be unfair to other organizations if KURE was provided with even more funding.

Sen. Alex KneeCQ and several other senators agreed that it would set a bad precedent. However, KURE continued to stress that the organization as a whole could be in danger if they could not afford to meet this FCC regulation. KURE also felt that they are a different type of organization that needs the necessary funds, compared to other groups which are typically social.

“We can’t be comparing apples to apples,” Peter Benzoni said. “Deal with the issue at hand and stop making unfair comparisons.”

Benzoni emphasized the potential risk for KURE being shut down by the FCC and that providing the full $1,080 would be insurance for GSB against this fine. Sen. Fitten called to question the amendment one last time. The amendment did not pass by majority vote.

Another issue that arose was that the finance committee had completely cut out KURE’s engineering budget, despite the organization lowering the total from $1,000 to $300.

Speaker Gabrielle WilliamsCQ asked for the GSB Senate to recommend the bill to the financial committee, which was passed Wednesday.