How to make homemade kefir


Leysan Mubarakshina/Iowa State Daily

This kefir soup is prepared and served cold. It is easy to make and does not require much time or effort — perfect for a spring meal. 

Making kefir at home can be more beneficial than buying it at the store; all it takes is kefir grains and milk. Once you buy kefir grains, you can make an unlimited supply without having to buy more. Homemade kefir is also fresher and richer in probiotics than store-bought. Here are simple directions on how to make it:

  • Place kefir grains in a glass jar. 
  • For every tablespoon of grains, add one cup of milk. 
  • Cover jar loosely and place in cupboard at room temperature, away from sunlight (do not refrigerate). 
  • Store for 12-36 hours. The longer it is stored, the more tangy and cultured it will become.
  • If it separates into a clear liquid and clumps, pour the kefir into a strainer with a bowl set underneath it.
  • Stir and press the kefir with a rubber spatula until you are left with just the kefir grains.
  • Rinse the grains with filtered water and place in a container for future use.
  • Store the kefir in a refrigerator for up to several months.