Tiffany Herring/Iowa State Daily

Cory Brietzke, junior in event management and National Events Director, explains the National Events Organization during GSB on Feb. 5 at the Memorial Union. National Events is a part of the Student Union Board and is in charge of putting on concerts on campus. They have brought artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Kacey Musgraves, and Passion Pit to Iowa State.  Tiffany Herring/Iowa State Daily 

William Dyke

From Grammy-winners Kacey Musgraves and Lupe Fiasco, to comedians like Nick Swardson, the Student Union Board has worked tirelessly to provide for Iowa State students’ entertainment needs.

National Events Director, Cory Brietzke, approached the podium Wednesday evening to plead SUB’s case to the Government of the Student Body, requesting increased funding for their organization to alleviate the unexpected additional costs of various entertainers for upcoming events.

“It can help the university look more positive and intriguing to prospective students who can see big names who’ve performed here,” Brietzke explained.

An issue that Brietzke noted was that most students who go to Iowa State have grown to expect big name shows ever since National Events started three years ago.

“Hearing from various people, they were curious as to why there haven’t been shows set and booked going on throughout the semester, other than the VEISHA schedule that just came out a couple weeks ago.” Brietzke said.

SUB provided documents for GSB, showing the costs of hiring and setting up for entertainers, marketing and facilities. The documents also included ticket revenue and credentials of the artists hired.

Sen. Evie Ward took note of the $350,000 in ticket revenues, asking where the money goes to.

“The $350,000 was the total of the ten shows’ ticket sales,” said Mitchell Kenne, former National Events Director. “That money goes towards artist fees and support costs.”

SUB addressed Sen. Sam Schulte’s question about what funds were being requested, explaining that SUB simply needed GSB’s assistance in making up the difference between expenses and revenue.

SUB Adviser, Jim Brockpahler, addressed the senate, explaining the original funding negotiations between the Government of the Student Body and the Student Union Board, and how the reserves dried up so fast.

“Last year there was no additional funding allocated because of the cutting process, and we’ve used the remaining $100,000 over the last five shows. We work with what’s available and what we have to spend,” Brockpahler said.

Brockpahler elucidated the obstacles in keeping up with providing student discounts while also attempting to keep up with artists’ demands and ticket providers.

Speaker of the Senate, Gabby Williams, inquired about restructuring to the Finance Committee, and how it might affect funding for SUB. Finance Director Khayree Fitten, said that he couldn’t speak for the entire committee, but noted that as a first tier organization, SUB would, in practice, be affected by restrictions on the budget from second and third tier organizations’ requests.

Sen. Zachary Bauer offered cautionary advice for SUB, requesting that they keep an important detail in mind.

“Since there is a limited pile of money, something will have to get cut, and you’ll have to make a case of why funding National Events is a better benefit to students than funding other groups,” Bauer said.