Iowa State to Host Big 12 Student Government Conference

William Dyke

Director of Special Events, Amanda Loomis, approached the Government of the Student Body last night, presenting plans for the Big 12 Student Government Conference 2014.

Loomis gave a short presentation regarding the event, still in the early stages of planning, detailing the activities, date and budget of the event. Much of the itinerary and budget is still in the air until the new GSB president and vice president is elected, and a cabinet subsequently formed.

Speaker of the Senate, Gabrielle Williams, was curious about Loomis’ concerns about the event and how the Senate could assist.

“Something I’ve discussed with President Hughes, and after the [new] president is elected, is forming a team,” Loomis said.

Loomis further explained the team’s purpose, citing a need for a group to assist in the setup and execution of the event. Williams asked if Loomis had considered utilizing event management majors for this group, to which Loomis expressed interest in, but did mention that it was important for GSB to assist in the coordination of the event.

Sen. Sam Schulte asked if the funding would be coming directly from the Senate, to which both Loomis and Chief-of-Staff Travis Reed mentioned funding coming mostly from alumni.

“Hopefully alumni will be generous,” Reed said. “But it’s possible a bill will come through here at some point. We’re going to try and cover as much as we can.”

Williams addressed Reed, asking whether ISU directly provided funds for the conference, as it is a school-hosted event.

“We’re currently pursuing multiple funding options, the first is through the alumni,” Reed said. “The temporary option might be a bill coming through Senate, knowing that that money will be made up through registration. But that will be closer to November.”

In an interview following the presentation, Loomis discussed further details regarding the Big 12 conference. Many public relations and executive initiatives have been developed from ideas shared at the conference. This includes social media initiatives and the GSB Presidential candidate Hillary Kletscher’s bike share program.

Loomis mentioned that she has spoken with both presidential candidates to get their support and input on the current plans with the conference, and that she intends to apply for the position once the elections are complete.

Some of the activities being planned include a presentation from ISU’s federal lobbyist, Sophia Miguel, programming and project management lessons, further discussions regarding public relations and social media, and other activities to connect the Big 12 GSB representatives and schools.

Iowa State will be hosting the three-day conference Nov. 13 to 16 of 2014.